What Is The Best Iced Coffee Maker?

You either hate it or love it, but iced coffee is here to stay. There is something about sipping on a cold brew iced coffee that makes you forget about the days stresses, kick back and chill. For any lover of this iced caffeine beverage, being able to make iced coffee at home is a must and for that you’ll need to dig out and find the best iced coffee maker from the many inferior appliances that are out there.

In this article we have weeded out the best iced coffee makers and put them through their paces, do you want to see which machines came out on top and the ones that deserve a place on your kitchen counter-top? Keep on reading through our iced coffee makers reviews and pick out one that best suits your needs.

Best Iced Coffee Brewers 2016

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Mr. Coffee BVMC-LV1 Iced Cafe Iced Coffee Maker
(Editor’s Choice)
> Brews gourmet style iced coffee with one simple touch
> Makes up to 2 quarts of iced coffee
> Features include: adjustable brew strength and auto shut off
> Easy to clean simply through the basket in the dishwasher
> Comes with 10 free iced coffee brew recipes
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Hamilton Beach Iced Coffee & Tea Maker> Easy to operate, brews iced coffee or iced tea right in your glass in minutes
> No paper filters needed comes with a built-in resuable filter
> Brew up to 8 ounces of coffee per brew cycle
> Free recipe book included to help you start making great tasting brews
> Use your favorite ground coffee (try flavored coffee)
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OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker> Easy-to-access switch activates filtration process
> Rainmaker feature evenly distributes water over the coffee grounds
> No paper filters needed use the built-in stainless steel mesh filter
> Features a silicone stopper to keep coffee concentrate fresh in the carafe
> Automatically stops filtering when durable borosilicate glass carafe is removed
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Toddy T2N Cold Brew System
(Best Budget)
> Brews coffee with 67% less acid than coffee made using hot brew methods
> No electricity required, cold brew system uses regular coffee beans to create super smooth coffee
> The Toddy Cold Brew System also makes tea, served hot or cold
> Coffee concentrate stays fresh for up to 3 weeks when placed in your fridge
> Includes brewing container, glass decanter with lid, 2 reusable filters, 1 rubber stopper, and a recipe guide
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Yama Glass 6-8 Cup Cold Drip Maker Curved Brown Wood Frame> Produces an acid free coffee that's gentle on the stomach
> Comes fitted with a permanent ceramic filter
> Brews a great tasting iced coffee that brings out unique flavor not found in regular coffee
> Great design and beautiful on any table
> You have the option the brew either iced coffee or tea
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Best Iced Coffee Maker for Home Top Picks

To be honest there are only a handful of iced coffee makers that deserve a mention, many of the units we tried just weren’t up for the job. To be honest many of the new home coffee makers like the Cuisinart and Keurig are able to make iced coffee with their built-in additional features.

However if you would prefer to have a purpose built coffee maker just for iced beverages the below are some of the best iced coffee makers we found and any of these will make the perfect iced cup of Joe.

Mr. Coffee Iced Cafe Iced Coffee Maker

Mr.-Coffee-Iced-Cafe-Iced-Coffee-MakerIf you have ever shopped for a coffee maker you have most probably come across Mr. Coffee coffee makers. Mr. Coffee makes some of the best home coffee makers at a budget price and their latest offering is the budget home iced coffee maker.

The Mr. Coffee iced cafe brews gourmet iced coffee with a simple push of a button, it’s so easy to operate this unit that anyone can make an iced brew, even the non-techies out there.

To operate the Mr. Coffee iced café simply add water into the water reservoir and then add in your favorite ground coffee into the brew basket. Then fill up the provided pitcher jug with ice and then press the brew button, easy right?

You can brew up to 2 quarts of iced coffee with this unit, which should be more than enough for a small group on friends.

Even though this iced coffee maker is pretty basic it still comes with some desirable features like adjustable brew strength, auto shut off, and the provided plastic pitcher jug is dishwasher safe as well as the brew basket which makes it SUPER easy for cleaning.

If you are new to making iced coffee the Mr. Coffee iced coffee maker comes with a free iced coffee recipe book that will let you brew decadent crème de caramel iced coffee, delicious chilling Chai tea latte, as well as classic iced coffees.

For anyone shopping for an iced coffee maker for their home and you are on a tight budget the Mr. Coffee iced cafe iced coffee maker is a great option and you will save hundreds of dollars over the years making iced coffee at home versus at those expensive coffee shops.

Hamilton Beach Iced Coffee Brewer

Hamilton-Beach-Iced-Coffee-BrewerFor those of you who are on an even tighter budget we have found the perfect iced coffee maker for under $20,that’s right under twenty bucks!

The Hamilton Beach iced coffee brewer is a small compact iced coffee maker that brews a great tasting iced beverage directly into your glass in a matter of minutes. Even though this unit is small it doesn’t lack on taste.

Like the Mr. Coffee unit above you can used your own favorite ground coffee in this machine and no paper coffee filters are required to operate it.

Making an iced beverage with the Hamilton Beach is easy as 1-2-3, simply fill up the water reservoir add coffee and turn it on and if you are not sure how to make a great tasting iced coffee have a quick look at the free recipe booklet that is included in the box.

Sure, the Hamilton Beach iced coffee brewer is a no-frills unit but if iced coffee is all you want to make you can’t go far wrong with it.

Cold Brew Iced Coffee Makers – The Manual Approach

Both of the above iced coffee makers are automatic electric machines but how about making iced coffee in a “cold brew coffee maker”.

Toddy T2N Cold Brew System

Toddy T2N Cold Brew SystemIf you are a coffee enthusiast this cold brew coffee maker might just be for you. It require no electric to brew the coffee and uses a slow drip method over many hours (up to 24 hours)producing a delicious flavorful coffee that also eliminates a lot of the acidity giving a bold, super-smooth coffee.

The Toddy cold brew coffee maker is very basic in design but does a perfect job at what it was designed to do, make a pure great tasting coffee. Not only can you brew iced coffee you can also make hot beverage with the Toddy brew system too, like your favourite tea.

With the Toddy brew system you get a brewing container with handle, reusable filters, glass decanter with lid, a few rubber stoppers and a recipe book that will help guide you to making some iced beverages.

To use this cold brew system you should ideally be using a coarse ground coffee, leave it about an inch from the top of the toddy once you have filled it with water. Once done simply let it sit for at least 24 hours. After 24 hours you will have a coffee concentrate that you can then mix with water or milk. Don’t let this traditional cold brew system fool you, it makes some of the purist best tasting coffee you can find and for any coffee lover this is a must have.

Summing it up

Making iced coffee at home is SUPER easy once you have found the best iced coffee maker to brew the perfect cup. And we hope that finding the perfect iced coffee brewer has become easier by reading through the above iced coffee makers reviews.

Whichever machine you buy we are sure you will be enjoying those iced caffeine beverages for many years to come.

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