What is the Best French Press?

There is something about French pressed coffee that has made it stand the test of time, maybe it’s the simple beauty of the French press that has made it the number-1 brewing method of choice for so many the world over.

Whatever the reason coffee presses are becoming more popular than ever, with trendy modern designs and colors there is definitely a press pot out there for you. But don’t be fooled by the French presses simplicity, if you do, you’ll end up with a bitter tasting coffee along with some unwanted coffee grinds too.

The simple design makes it hard to compare and distinguish the best French press coffee makers apart, however we have put some of the these press pots through their paces and we think we have found some that are worthy of your kitchen counter-top space and can be used as your go-to daily home coffee brewer.

Best French Press Coffee Makers 2016

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SterlingPro Chrome 8-Cup French Coffee Press
(Editor’s Choice)
> Durable, heat-resistant borosilicate glass carafe
> The first French press to use a double screen mesh filter system
> 2 extra replacement mesh filters included with this SterlingPro French press
> Design ensures "no plastic" will touch your coffee during brewing and serving
> Brew both coffee and tea, makes a great birthday or wedding gift!
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KONA French Press Coffee & Tea Maker> Brew any ground coffee for extra bold flavors or extract subtle tastes from loose tea leaves
> Insulated outer shell protects the extra thick borosilicate glass carafe from chips and cracks
> Design ensures no plastic will touch your coffee during brewing and serving
> Strong, durable, heat-resistant borosilicate glass carafe
> Detachable stainless steel mesh filter with a quick and easy press, rubber plunger
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Kuissential 8-Cup Stainless Steel French Press
(Coffee Plunger, Press Pot, Cafetiere)
> Double walled stainless steel design to maintain optimal brewing temperature (195-205F)
> Stainless steel construction is more durable than glass meaning it won't shatter when dropped
> Brews up to 8 cups of coffee (Coffee Cups are measured as 4oz)
> Mirrored finish on the excternal and a brushed metal on the inside
> Brews amazingly delicious home coffee on-par with any high street coffee shop
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Utopia Kitchen Triple Filter 8 Cup French Press
(Best Budget)
> Brews up to 8 coffee cups (about 4 coffee mugs) of great tasting delicious coffee
> 34 ounce durable borosilicate glass carafe beaker sits in stylish frame with feet to prevent wobbling
> Features a triple filter mesh screens system to ensure all of the coffee grounds stay in the carafe
> Ergonomic plunger is comfortable and easy to use
> Plastic liner attached to the lid keeps the lid from getting too hot
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Le Creuset Stoneware 27oz. French Press> Made from durable, high-fired stoneware with glossy enamel glazing
> Utilizes a stainless steel plunger and mesh plunger press
> The non-porous enamel finish resists odors, staining, chipping, as well as cracking
> Dishwasher-safe for quick and easy cleanup
> Available in a range of colors to match your kitchen interior or other Le Creuset products
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What is a French Press Coffee Maker?

A French press has many different names depending on where in the world you live, for example some like to call it a press pot, a plunger coffee maker, a coffee press, a cafetiere and even a melior.

This coffee brewing device was invented in France around the 1800s and it is basically a cylindrical pot with a built in plunger and a mesh filter screen that presses hot water through ground coffee – the end result is a rich, earthy, fresh tasting cup.

We have covered in more detail exactly how to use a French press here. However, it is pretty simple, so once you have your new press pot coffee maker make sure to check out that page to see exactly how to get the most out of it. Keep on reading to see our French press reviews and our top picks further down the page.

best french presses

Best Coffee for French Presses

Choosing the best coffee for a French press really all boils down (pun intended) to the coffee grind. You can use any type of coffee, but if the grind isn’t correct you’ll be struggling to make a great tasting pot. The best way to get the perfect grind is to buy whole coffee beans and then grind them yourself using one of these best coffee grinders.

The coffee grind ideally needs to be a medium grind to coarse grind with uniformity and consistency throughout. Very coarse grinds will most likely clog the filter while a finer grind will simply pass through the filter inside of the press which in turn will give you a cup full of muddy coffee full of grinds. So you’ll need to play around until you find the perfect grind setting with the coffee grinder you are using.

What type of coffee grind should I use with my French press? Our personal favorite is the Thunder Bolt Colombian Whole Bean Coffee – Ideal for French Press, Drip Coffee from Koffee Kult but any medium/coarse ground coffee would do, it’s all personal preference and taste at the end of the day.

Benefits of Using a French Press Coffee Maker Over Other Coffee Brewers

For many people, French press coffee may be outdated. Most people opt for electric coffee brewers nowadays. Now, of course, electric brewers have their pros. We are going to be touching on them throughout this page, however, French press coffee makers are still brilliant pieces of kit. If you can get hold of one, you are going to love it. Trust me!

Easy to store

No matter the size of your kitchen, you can virtually guarantee that space is at an absolute premium. You could have the largest kitchen in the world, but you will always be clambering for more space. Coffee machines are big. Even the cheapest ones are big. They are going to take up some valuable real estate. French press coffee makers, on the other hand, are small. When they are not in use, you can easily just store them in the cupboard and they will have a minimal footprint there.

In addition to this, French presses are portable. You can take the press to the table and it is going to look great. You won’t be able to move a regular coffee machine around!


We aren’t even onto the benefits of the way in which the coffee tastes yet. However, we will get there. For now, French press coffee makers are easy to clean. You can just clean it with the rest of your dishes. Many are also perfectly fine for putting in the dishwasher too. Try and put a regular coffee maker in a dishwasher. It won’t be making coffee for long after that!

The taste is great

Not everybody is going to like the taste of French press coffee. We all have our own individual tastes, after all. However, most people do. This is because the brewing method is slightly different. The coffee required for a French press will be a lot coarser than those which go into a drip coffee machine. In addition to that, the coffee is going to be brewed for a bit longer. The result is coffee which tastes a bit more bitter but far stronger. If you love strong coffee, then go down the route of a French Press coffee maker, you won’t regret it. Of course, it does have its downsides. The water is not going to be kept at a constant temperature inside the press. It will be losing its heat. This is not an issue with a drip coffee machine as there is normally a heating pad in place. However, if you opt for a top quality coffee press, then it is going to retain that heat better with its thick, heat-resistant borosilicate glass carafe.

In addition to this, you have a bit more control over the brewing process. Yes, coffee machines have become a bit more sophisticated in recent years. They all have bells and whistles that you can play around with. However, you are always going to be at the whim of the programming. You don’t have full control. You do with a French press. Once you become more experienced using one, you will be creating some of the best coffee you have ever had in your life.

Best Coffee Press Our Top Picks

SterlingPro 1 liter, 34 oz French Coffee Press

SterlingPro-1-liter-34-oz-French-Coffee-PressIf you are shopping around for a press pot and want real quality, the SterlingPro might just be the best French press you can get your hands on. It brews up to 1 liter (34 oz.) of coffee which can fill up to 8 cups, making it ideal for large households or even for entertaining.

The Carafe has been made from borosilicate glass which is durable and heat resistant and the white plastic liner on the lid helps to keep the lid from getting too hot making it easier to pour the piping hot coffee.

What is unique about this coffee press is that is uses a double screen mesh filter system that helps to catch and stop more coffee grinds from going inside your coffee than other regular coffee pots. Its stylish design and elegant chrome housing makes this French press a must have for any coffee lover. It also makes for a great gift at a wedding, birthday, or even a house warming.

Bodum Brazil 8-Cup French Press

Bodum-Brazil-8-Cup-French-PressOne of the standout names in some of the best French presses is Bodum, they have been around for years making high quality, durable presses that stand the test of time.

This coffee maker can make a up to 8 cups of coffee (34 oz.) and is available in a range of colors from black, red, and lime green; we are sure that there is a color in the range that will match with your home kitchen décor.

It features a 3 part mesh system that is made out of high quality stainless steel,; the 3 part mesh helps to filter your coffee’s aromatic oils and subtle flavors The carafe has been manufactured from heat resistant, borosilicate durable glass and all of the plastic on the press pot is BPA free as well as dishwasher safe.

This is one of our favorites; it looks modern and sleek and with the quirky colors brings this timeless coffee maker into the 21st century.

Kuissential 8-Cup Stainless Steel French Press

Kuissential 8-Cup Stainless Steel French PressFor those of your who are looking for a more traditional French press the Kuissential 8-cup stainless steel press pot might be the one for you.

The Kuissential it crafted just like a traditional coffee press straight out of France in the 1800s and it brews amazingly delicious home brewed coffee. It can brew up to 8 cups of coffee and has a durable meshed stainless steel filter that fits snugly inside.

It features a double walled stainless steel pot which can keep the temperature of your coffee hotter for longer and has no problem maintaining a temperature of around 195-205F. One of the added advantages of having a stainless steel pot is that is want break and shatter if dropped, unlike the glass carafes. Want a traditional coffee pot? This is the best French press pot for the traditional look.

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