What is the Best Coffee Grinder?

Making the best cup of coffee involves more than just opening up a packet of pre-ground coffee and adding hot water. To truly get the most out of your coffee you really need to use a coffee grinder to achieve optimum taste and flavor from your coffee beans.

Having the best grinder for your coffee guarantees the quality of each drink since the grind affects the strength and taste of your brew. For example a course ground will give you a weak tasting brew whereas a finer grind will give you a stronger tasty cup of coffee. Ok so I just need to grind my coffee beans? Well there is a little more to it than that you’ll need to decide which grind is best for your brew.

Best Coffee Grinders 2016 (Electric & Manual)

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Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder
(Editor’s Choice)
> Over 14 grind settings from coarse to fine depending on your brew method
> Durable borosilicate glass catcher reduces static that causes jumping coffee grounds
> Timed grinding feature and quick grind button, set exactly the amount of time you need
> Available in black, silver, gold, orange, red, green, and white
> Borosilicate glass container features a silicone band to make it slip-proof
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Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill > Heavy-duty, elegantly styled, automatic coffee mill
> Features a burr grinding mechanism for uniform grounds along with optimum flavor
> Includes a 18-position grind selector, from ultra fine to coarse
> Choose brew amount using the slide dial from 4 to 18 cups
> Electric timer automatically shuts off unit when grind cycle is complete
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Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton Storage Capacity
> Small, lightweight, and portable hand burr coffee grinder
> Inexpensive means to have freshly-ground coffee, even while traveling with a light load
> The ideal budget friendly grinder for the coffee enthusiast
> Easy to use, easy to clean with a consistent grind for perfect, fresh coffee
> No electric needed fully manual operation
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KRUPS F203 Electric Coffee Grinder
with Stainless Steel Blades
(Best Budget)
> 200-watt motor provides fast grinding of whole coffee beans or spices
> Large 3 ounce capacity can yield up to 12 cups of coffee in seconds
> Oval design and stainless-steel blades ensure uniform grinding
> Durable stainless steel blades can not only grind coffee beans but also spices, herbs, nuts, grains and more
> Easy to use; simply add whole beans, secure the lid, and press the side lid button to start
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JavaPresse Manual Conical Burr Coffee Grinder> 100% precision control over the coarseness with the built-in 18 click adjustable grind selector
> Coarseness for Pour Over, Drip, Chemex, Cold Brew, French Press, Percolator, AeroPress, Espresso
> Hand crank mechanism eliminates over 90% of the noise that electric grinders produce
> Portable and travel friendly, no batteries, power, or long plastic cords needed to operate
> Ceramic combo burrs last 5x's longer than stainless steel blades
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Benefits of Grinding Your own Coffee Beans VS Buying Pre-Ground Coffee

One of the ‘big debates’ in the coffee-drinking world is whether you should opt for grinding your own coffee beans or buying pre-ground coffee. There are, of course, pros and cons to each. While most coffee-lovers will gravitate towards using their own coffee beans, there is an advantage to pre-ground coffee. We will look at both on this page.

The Only Advantage of Pre-Ground Coffee

The only real advantage to pre-ground coffee is the fact that it is convenient. You are not going to have to worry about preparing the coffee beans at all. You just throw them into whatever unit you are using to make the coffee and you are good to go. You are not going to get the best cup of coffee this way, but it is a good start.

The Many Disadvantages to Pre-Ground Coffee

There are several disadvantages to using pre-ground coffee. This section is dedicated to them:

  • Contamination: coffee oils are easy to contaminate. They take on just about everything. One of the worst things about pre-ground coffee is that it will take on the odors of things close by. If you put your pre-ground coffee close to some pretty smelly food, your coffee will taste faintly of that.
  • Oxygen: a lot of the taste in coffee is down to the aroma. There are over 1,000 different aromas in a cup of coffee (apparently). When you grind coffee, these aromas start to react with the oxygen instantly. It is said that over 60% of these aromas will be lost within about 15 minutes of the grind.
  • Moisture: when the coffee oils from the bean encounters the air, the moisture starts to dissolve the oils. This will have an impact on the taste of the coffee.

Why Grind Your Own Coffee?

Right away, if you grind your own coffee, you will be eliminating all of the disadvantages that were highlighted above. Although, of course, it is worth noting that there may be a few of these disadvantages if you grind your coffee and then ‘store’ it. For the maximum benefit, you will need to grind the exact amount of coffee that you are planning to use and no more than that.

When you grind your own coffee, you can choose the exact bean you want to make your coffee with. When you opt for pre-ground coffee, you are normally getting the bean that was cheapest at the time. This means there can be changes in the taste. Grind your own coffee beans, and you will have full control over your beans. You will very quickly realize that you have your favorites!

One of the best things about grinding your own coffee beans is that you can change the size of your grind based upon the coffee that you are making. If you do this, you will end up with a far more consistent coffee. You will also be able to ‘experiment’ with the different types of coffee out there.

In short; if you love your coffee, always grind your own beans. It takes a lot more effort, but the end result is going to be so much better.

Grind Your Own Coffee

How to Choose a Coffee Grinder?

There a various types of coffee grinder available and each can grind your coffee differently. We have picked out some of the more popular grinders and given you a quick overview of each so that you can better understand the different types of coffee grinders and which one is best for you.


Burr coffee grinders are old fashioned grinders that require a little bit of manual work to get them to grind. They are also slow and expect to take around 1 minute to grind enough for one cup of coffee. Because they are manually operated the Burr grinders will have less chance of burning the coffee due to friction, which is often a problem with electric grinders.

The size of the grind can easily be adjusted from a very course grind to very fine powder. The old style coffee grinders are excellent and have stood the test of time. They are still being manufactured today but more and more electric Burr style grinders are becoming popular.


Blade coffee grinders and less expensive but the finished ground coffee is very inconsistent, if you are trying to produce a course grind you’ll find that there will be some finer and powder coffee too.

Basically blade grinders are just miniature blenders that slice, smash and tear the coffee beans into pieces. And since the blades on this type of grinder spin at very high RPM there is a high chance that your coffee will get burned due to the friction, unlike the Burr grinder. With any grinder you want to try and grind for no more than 20 seconds, as soon as you go 20 seconds risk burning the coffee.

Disc and Conical

If you want a precise grind then the disc and conical grinders might be the best coffee grinder for you. The disc and conical coffee grinders basically have serrations or grooves cut into the discs or sometimes cones, one turns while to other stays stationary. It is the sharp edges of the grooves that actually cut and grind the coffee beans producing a consistent grind. These type of coffee grinders are perfect for more expensive higher quality coffee beans, however they can be quite expensive.

How to Choose the Best Grind?


Throwing you coffee beans into your best coffee grinder and turning it on is just not going to give you the grounded coffee you want. Choosing the best grind solely depends on what you will be brewing the coffee in. the help you out we have put together a basic list of the types of coffee grinds and which coffee maker that are best suited.

A Coarse Grind:

  • French Press (press or plunger pot)
  • Toddy Makers (cold brew method)
  • Vacuum Coffee Maker
  • Percolator

A Medium Grind:

  • Auto Drip Makers (with flat bottom filters)

A Medium/Fine Grind:

  • Drip Makers (with cone shaped filters)

A Fine Grind:

  • Stove Top Espresso Pots
  • Some Drip Makers (with cone shaped filters)

A Super Fine Grind:

  • Espresso Machines

Best Coffee Grinder for the Money


Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

If you are looking for a well made, budget coffee grinder the Bodum Electric Burr grinder might be the one you’re looking for. It doesn’t matter if you want grinds for espressos or French press coffee pots the Bodum Bistro has you covered. This is grinder features over fourteen grind settings, which are adjustable, so you can experiment until you find the exact setting that’s right for you.

With many of the best coffee grinders you expect to get some sort of static buildup. Static can cause the coffee grounds to “jump” and attach themselves to any object before being placed in the coffee pot. However with the Bodum coffee grinder it seems that this problem has been solved by utilizing a borosilicate glass catcher for the grinds to fall into. This greatly reduces the amount of static liable to affect them.

The Bodum Bistro is a favored Burr coffee grinder which generates less heat than the alternative blade grinder. All of the parts to this grinder are manufactured from metal which means a better tasting coffee as well as a longer lasting grinder. The Bodum Bistro electric Burr coffee grinder is one of our favorite grinders and as far as we are concerned it is the best coffee grinder for the money.

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