Permanent Coffee Filter vs. Paper

Choosing between a permanent coffee filter and a paper filter really boils down to personal preference and of course taste. If you drum up a conversation with any coffee geek they will be adamant that paper coffee filters is the only way to go and will quickly change the subject when permanent coffee filters are talked about.

One of the arguments when it comes to choosing reusable coffee filter versus paper filters is that they offer a better tasting cup of coffee (so they say). I’ve used both types of coffee filters and have to say that I couldn’t find any substantial taste difference, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any.

Permanent Coffee Filter vs. Paper

A Better Understanding of Each Coffee Filter

Most of the modern best coffee makers come supplied with a permanent coffee filter, but if you coffee machine don’t have one you have to make a choice whether to use paper or a reusable permanent coffee filter.

Paper Coffee Filters

Paper Coffee FiltersPaper filters or often termed disposable filters are easy to use and make discarding coffee grounds and cleaning your coffee maker quick and easy. Once of the main drawbacks of disposable paper filters however is finding the right size for your coffee maker.

You can often be left stood scratching your head in the supermarket coffee isle, so once you’ve found the size that fits it’s advisable to bulk buy so you always have some to hand. Paper coffee filters are generally made from crepe paper in a form of a basket or cone shape (depending on your coffee maker). Apart from the filter shape there are two types, unbleached and bleached.

Again choosing which type of paper filter you prefer comes down to personal preference, however you’ll find some coffee geeks who will tell you that unbleached coffee filters ruin the taste of your coffee. Unless you have a super sharp sense of taste, I don’t think it makes that much of a noticeable difference. When you compare paper filters with reusable types, paper is often regarded as the best coffee filter due to the fact that it can remove more of the coffee oils that can cause high cholesterol, however there is no firm proof to suggest any links to increased probability of coronary heart disease and the argument still continues.

Reusable or Permanent Coffee Filter

Permanent Coffee Filter For anyone on a budget and is worried about the environment the permanent coffee filters are the way to go. These types of filters are made from metal mesh with stainless steel being the most common. One of the main pros of using reusable coffee filters in your coffee machine is that you will reap long-term savings. With a pack paper coffee filters costing less than $3 per pack doesn’t sound like much, but if you add that cost up over the year you will save a substantial amount.

With permanent filters you never have to worry about running out and not being able to have a fresh brew first thing in the morning. As with paper coffee filter reusable filters come in a verity of shapes and sizes from cone shapes to the general basket shapes, there will be one to fit your coffee maker as the generic sizes tend to fit into most of the modern day machines. A lot of coffee lovers are now touting gold-tone coffee filters for their improved coffee taste and durability whilst the budget minded still filter their coffee using the lower-priced nylon filters.

Advantages of a Gold Coffee Filter?

Advantages of a Gold Coffee FilterMany coffee drinkers have made the switch from paper to gold coffee filters with many describing an improved coffee taste. And these types of filter are often included as standard with the best coffee machines.

Gold coffee filters allow more sediment to flow through the basket as well as more oils so you will find that your coffee is slightly stronger than if you used a paper filter, so if you like a stronger tasting coffee this type of coffee filter is a good option for you.

Another major advantage of gold filters is their longevity. For a relatively small one-time investment, coffee drinkers can purchase a gold-toned or 23-karat gold filter that will last for years.

Like any other manufactured product gold filters and regular permanent coffee filters leave some type of carbon footprint during the manufacturing process.

However that being said, because permanent filters are meant to be reused for up to 7 years the end consumer will produce less wastage.

Easy to clean; after each use gold coffee filter can simply be rinsed out and reused just like regular permanent filters.

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