How to use a French Press Coffee Maker?

Either love them or hate them, but French press coffee makers are here to stay. If you’re a French coffee pot fan do you really know how to use this coffee brewer the correct way? If you’re not keep on reading and we’ll show the correct way to make a perfect cup of Joe every time using this popular coffee maker. You might be wondering why this classic coffee maker from years gone by still exists when you can find a good modern automatic drip coffee maker which is so convenient. Really for me there is no competition and I’m a huge fan of the French coffee pots. What a French press coffee maker can offer compared to the electric drip coffee maker is a more robust, stronger and flavorful cup of coffee.

The process of using a French press coffee maker is relatively simple and I will cover the steps further down the page. But basically, you can enjoy a more flavorful cup of coffee due to the fact that there is no paper filter to take away and filter the coffee oils that add extra flavor to a cup of coffee. Using this coffee brewing method will give you an excellent tasting cup of coffee and your friends will be amused watching you prepare and brew the coffee right at your dinner table.

How to use a French Press Coffee Maker

Are you still left scratching your head as to what a French coffee post actually is? Well don’t worry we got you covered.

What is a French Press Coffee Pot?

Okay I get it, we lost you in the first paragraph; the French coffee pot, also known as a Press Pot or Plunger Pot among other names refers to a device that makes coffee (duh, well yeah!).

These coffee brewers have been around since the early 1900’s and first started their life in France. Today you can find various colors as well as styles and you’ll quickly see that there are many manufacturers and the pots are readily available in today’s market – they really have actually gained in popularity in recent years.

The modern day French coffee press is a narrow cylindrical jug or jar made of glass, and they come equipped with a metal or plastic lid with a fine wire mesh filter and plunger that fits tightly into the cylinder.

How Do You Use a French Press?

Part of the appeal of using a French press coffee maker is its simplicity and ease of use. Once you’ve tried this coffee brewing method you wont go back. Below are the simple steps to make great tasting coffee every time.


  1. Boil fresh good quality water in your kettle (spring or filtered water will give you a better tasting coffee).
  2. Whilst your water is boiling remove the lid from your clean French press pot.
  3. Take your preferred coffee (coarsely ground works best) and spoon into your coffee pot. As a general rule 1 tablespoon of coffee will yield a good 1 cup of coffee, this is also dependent on the type of coffee you are using.
  4. Once your water has boiled let it sit. This will allow the hot water to cool a little to the correct temperature and will prevent scalding the coffee.
  5. Pour your hot water in to the coffee pot and give a gentle stir before putting the plunger and lid on.
  6. Now replace the coffee pot lid with the plunger handle pulled out and the mesh filter sitting at the top of the coffee.
  7. Simply allow the coffee brew for about 2-4 minutes, until it smells great. Plunge down very slowly down until it reaches the bottom making sure to keep the metal mesh horizontal at all times.
  8. Serve the coffee immediately or transfer unused coffee into a thermos if you want to keep it for more than 10 minutes.
  9. Enjoy your great tasting coffee.

French Press Coffee Pot

Tip: French Press coffee brewing is used to make fresh coffee to consume immediately, usually around 10 minutes. It is not good to leave the coffee in the press for any length of time as it will taste bitter.

What Else Should I Know?

The key to a good cup of coffee using the French press pot is the water temperature. Ideally, you want the water temperature to be between 195 and 200 degrees F. One easy way to do this is to boil the water and use an instant read thermometer which you can pick up from any general kitchen store or online.

Once you take the water off the heat watch and see how long it takes to reach 200 degrees. It most cases it will probably be around 10 or 15 seconds. Once you know the correct timing you are all set for brewing great tasting coffee in your French coffee maker – as they say “practice makes perfect”!

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