French Press Vs. Coffee Maker

Every so often I fall into the ongoing debate of french press vs. coffee maker, which coffee maker brews the best cup? Well in this article I’m going to help you decide. There really is no yes or no answer as to which brewing method is the best; it all really boils down to personal taste and preference.

French Press Vs. Coffee Maker

With the modern technology advancements you can find some funky looking ceramic French press coffee pots which look great in any modern kitchen. You can’t argue with the ease of use and how quickly you can make a pot of coffee with the French press, all it really takes is to boil the kettle as if you were making a cup of tea. If you are a fan of strong coffee then the French press coffee maker is for you, they tend to brew a lot stronger than drip coffee makers.

Best Single Cup Coffee Maker? Coffee Maker

What is a drip coffee maker? This type of coffee machine uses a drip filter to brew fresh coffee. The process involves allowing hot water to drip through either a disposable paper filter or permanent reusable filter. The coffee is slowly dripped into a jug or carafe and typically stands on a hot plate keeping your coffee warn for longer periods of time.

With a drip coffee maker you have the added benefit of being able to brew more coffee in one brew cycle which makes it great for large families or groups. This method of brewing coffee can take some time as the water is slowly dripping and can take up to 10 minutes, so if you are in a hurry this machine is not for you.

What is the Best French Press? French Press

When people talk about a French press they are referring to a coffee press, a coffee plunger, press pot, or as referred to in the United Kingdom a cafetière. All of these names mean one thing, a cylindrical glass jar with a mesh plunger used to brew fresh coffee.

When you use a French press you combine coarsely ground coffee with hot water, stir, allow it to stand and then separate the coffee ground from the water with a mesh like plunger. You can read more here on what is a French coffee press. If you are in a rush and want a quick coffee fix the French press is for you.

French Press vs. Coffee Maker, Comparing the Two

French press and the drip coffee maker


According to the International Coffee Organization the French coffee press brews a coffee with a fuller flavor. Many coffee lovers find that the French press gives a wider range of flavors. This mainly due to the fact that the French press uses no paper filter, so the coffee loses fewer oils. With a drip coffee maker you get a slightly heavier brew and less robust flavors because the coffee is not pressed out.

Bulk Brewing

If you constantly need to brew more than 3 or 4 cups of coffee at once then consider opting for a drip coffee machine. French coffee pots are really only limited to four or five cups at a push, but most drip coffee machines will brew at least eight cups at once with some even having a brewing capacity of up to 14 cups at any one time.


You are a zombie first thing in the morning and love to have your coffee already brewed when you come down the stairs; the drip coffee maker is probably the best option for you. Many of the best coffee makers have a programmable interface that you can set to automatically make your coffee for you at a set time. French coffee presses cannot be programmed and you will have to make a fresh pot manually each time you want a drink.

Some coffee lovers love the drip coffee method because this machine can brew a consistent cup every time and many of the new best coffee makers having a heating plate that allows you to keep your coffee warm for longer periods of time unlike the French press where you have to consume your coffee in under 10 minutes to avoid a bitter tasting drink, however you can decant your coffee into a thermos flask to keep for linger if required.


Another benefit of using a French press is that they don’t use any electricity which makes brewing a fresh cup of Joe a breeze at the dining table in front of guests as well as taking with you on camping trips in the wilderness.

When it comes down to kitchen counter top space the French press takes up very little room and can easily be put in a kitchen cupboard until needed. However a drip coffee maker is going to take up a substantially amount of space and will need a whole area dedicated to it.


With a French press you can make quick and easy iced coffee, you can brew a more concentrated coffee and add it to a cup full of ice to create a wonderful iced beverage. A French press coffee maker can also double up to brew loose leaf tea.

….Which Are You?

There are definite benefits to both a French press and a coffee maker your own personal taste and lifestyle will determine which coffee brewing method is best suited to you. Both of these coffee brewing methods produce excellent tasting coffee, albeit under different definition of what constitutes best.

When it boils down to a French press vs. coffee maker for me the French press wins hands down and it is my go-to coffee maker each and every morning. I love how you can just boil the kettle and pour over your fresh coffee, there is no need to wait like you would with a drip coffee maker, they are easy to clean, plus for the budget minded you don’t use a paper filter each and every day.

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