10 Popular Coffee Brewing Methods

Coffee is probably one of the most popular drinks in the entire world, and for good reason. Not only is this dark and moody brew delicious, but it also provides all of us busy bees with a much needed dose of caffeine. However, everyone has a slightly different idea of what makes the perfect coffee. Some like it dark and strong, while others like it light and sweet. A good cup of coffee is essentially just like life. It’s all in how you make it.

10 Popular Coffee Brewing Methods

10 Ways To Brew A Cup Of Joe!

Here are 10 of the most popular coffee brewing methods. How do you make yours?

1. Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

The humble drip coffee maker is one of the most, if not the most popular tool used to brew coffee at home. It’s unlikely that you’ll find an American home without one. The best coffee maker works by slowly dripping boiling water through finely ground coffee beans that are held within a filter.

The coffee then drips down through the funnel and into a glass carafe which is kept warm using a hot plate. The first machine of this kind was actually produced in 1963 and it’s still going strong today. The benefit to this kind of brewing is that you can have full control over the strength of your coffee.

2. Instant Coffee

For all the coffee connoisseurs out there. The word instant put next to coffee is probably considered some sort of curse word. However, sometimes an instant coffee is exactly what you need, because it’s just so deliciously convenient.

The 1970’s saw the peak of instant coffees popularity, and since then countless brands have jumped on the bandwagon and produced their own unique brews. It’s estimated that 15% of coffee consumed in the USA is brewed using instant coffee granules.

3. French Press

The French Press is the height of sophistication when it comes to coffee, and many claim that this method produces the best tasting coffee. However, there is a certain level of skill needed to make a perfect brew using this method and it’s extremely easy to go wrong.

The French Press works by combining hot water and coarse coffee granules together in the carafe. This is left to brew for a few minutes, and then the plunger is pushed down to trap the coffee granules at the bottom.

4. Single-Serve Pod Coffee Maker

The name of this method might imply that there is a restriction when it comes to brewing coffee, however this is really not true. The single cup coffee maker has blown up in recent years, making the production and development accelerate rapidly. Now, these type of coffee makers can be used to make anything from Americanos to hot chocolate.

5. Espresso Machine

The espresso is a tiny coffee jam packed with strength and caffeine, like a literally shot of energy. The popularity of espressos has risen dramatically and therefore so has the presence of the espresso machine. Pressurized water is pushed through tightly packed espresso granules to produce a rich, concentrated coffee.

6. Chemex

Created in 1941, the Chemex is a glass coffee pot featuring a narrow waist. Paper filters are used that are able to removes the oil from the coffee due to the chemically bonded paper the filters are created from. The resulting brew is completely different to the brew produced from most traditional coffee making methods.

7. Cold Brew

Cold brewing coffee means that the coffee grounds are steeped in cold water for a long period of time, usually around 12-24 hours. Using a paper filter the steeped coffee is filtered out and either heated up or served cold with ice.

8. Percolator

A percolator is a very particular kind of coffee pot continuously cycles boiling water through coffee grounds in order to brew the coffee. The classic percolatorhas fallen out of fashion in recent years due to the more convenient automatic drip coffee makers.

9. Aeropress

The Aeropress steeps coffee for up to 50 seconds. The coffee is then pushed through a paper or metal filter using a plunger. The process is very similar to the French Press.

10. Coffee Cone

This is one of the oldest brewing methods available. It is simply the drip coffee machine without the machine. The coffee cone drips filtered coffee straight into the cup.

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