Trying to find the best coffee maker for your home can often be a daunting task. There are various styles, a wide range of prices, and each coffee maker comes with a different set of features and options that can also influence the price. Like most people searching for a new brewer you’ll want the best bang for your buck, so bearing that in mind you will want to choose the best coffee machine that your budget allows and one that also comes with only the features you need.

Here at Coffee Maker Compare our goal is to help you to choose the best coffee brewing machine for your home. It doesn’t matter is you are looking for a drip coffee maker, a percolator, single cup machine, a traditional French Press, or a one shot espresso machine, we have covered them all. Simply browse through our buying guide section for advice on top brand coffee makers for your home.

Which Type of Coffee Maker Should you Choose?

For the average home the most popular coffee maker is going to be the standard drip machine. This is typically the go-to brewer option for many, but with the new designs and technologies in today’s market why just be average, go on treat yourself to the best coffee maker money can buy and wake up to a great cup every morning.

For those of you looking to get all adventurous with their next coffee brewer, below I have listed some types of coffee machines that any budding home barista can easily operate to take their coffee to a whole new level.

Auto-Drip Coffee Maker

Drip Coffee Maker

Drip coffee models are common machines found in just about any household and are considered one of the most popular styles throughout the world due to ease of use as well as the affordable prices and inexpensive upkeep.

Auto-Drip Coffee Maker Overview:

These machines are simple and easy to use even for the non-techies out there. Simply add a paper coffee filter, spoon in your preferred coffee and then fill the reservoir with water. Then turn press the on switch and you all set, sit back and you’ll have a fresh pot of coffee in just a few minutes.

Most of the modern drip coffee makers are fully programmable and tend to be fully automatic. This is really great for anyone who runs on a schedule and wants to set up their coffee machine in advance so that they have a hot cup of coffee ready for them when they need it. Most of these machines will brew up to 12 cups of coffee at one time which makes them perfect for large families that enjoy coffee.

Typical Functions/Features of Modern Drip-Brewers Include:

  • Strength Adjuster: easily adjust the strength of the coffee brew to meet your own personal taste and preference.
  • Clock/Timer: check the time and set your coffee machine to work at a specific time of day, great for anyone on a bust schedule.
  • Pause Button: can’t wait for it to finish and need a cup of Joe now? Just press the pause button and grab a brew before the machine has fully finished.
  • Permanent Coffee Filter: most of the modern machines use a reusable plastic coffee filter instead of a disposable paper filter, which is great for the environment as well as your wallet.
  • Coffee Grinder: if you are a real coffee connoisseur only freshly ground coffee will do. Some of the drip coffee makers come with a separate grinder which lets you grind your own roasted coffee beans.
Drip Coffee Maker Comparison

Specialty & Espresso Coffee Machines

best espresso machines

Espresso coffee makers are for the bold coffee drinkers out there, who love a quick hit of caffeine. First appearing in Italy in the 1800’s espresso has become one of the favored types of coffee in the western hemisphere. With the advancement of coffee making technologies and techniques, espresso machines have found their way into almost all modern day homes and kitchens.

Espresso Coffee Machine Overview:

Having a top rated espresso machine will enable you to make great tasting coffee on-par with any high street coffee house in the comfort of your own home. Espresso makers produce a highly concentrated, rich, and full bodied coffee that can be used as a base for many of the popular coffee drinks such as Latte’s, Americano’s, Cappuccino’s, to name just a few.

Espresso makers come in various types but they can be placed into four basic categories – Manual Machines, Semi Automatic Machines, Automatic Machines, and Super Automatic Machines. For home use you will typically find that the Automatic Machines are the best option. Operating an espresso machine does take a little practice, but once you have got the hang of it you be knocking out shots like a true pro.

Typical Functions/Features of Modern Espresso Machines Include:

  • Steam Wand: the steam wand is also refereed to as a steam pipe. This is the part of the machine you can use to steam milk, the steam wand is activated by the steam valve.
  • Portafilter: this is the device you grind coffee into and then place in the group to brew coffee. The name is easy to remember as long as you think of it as a portable filter (porta-filter).
  • Hot Water Tap: some like to call this the Americano tap or wand. But it really is simply a hot water tap. Call it what you will, this is where you dispense hot water from your machine.
  • Pressure Gauge: the pressure gauge usually has two needles indicating both boiler pressure and pump operating pressure. This is an import part of the espresso maker because it monitors the health of your machine as well as the parameters of your coffee brewing temps and pressures.
  • Drain Grate or Trough:  used with drip pan and drain, simply an area where liquid and spillage drains.
Espresso Machine Comparison

Single Cup Coffee Maker

Single Cup Coffee Maker

If you just want one cup of coffee a time with little fuss and mess, then the single cup machines are for you. They are a great way to brew a single cup of coffee using prepackaged coffee pods or cups. These machines are deigned to take a coffee pod or prepackaged cup that contains everything you need to brew a single, perfect coffee every time. The coffee pods or cups are only designed to fit inside these special machines, hot water is filtered through the pod or cup and coffee brewing all takes place with a one push of a button.

Single Cup Coffee Maker Overview:

Single-serve or single-cup the best brew coffee makers for those of you that either live alone or like to take your coffee with you when you leave the house in the morning. They typically are coffee makers that use k-cups (coffee pods) to deliver the coffee which in-turn makes a standardized cup on-par with that offered by any coffee house.

These machines are super-easy to operate and with a press of a just few buttons (often just one) you can set your brew strength and cup size and you’re good to go.

Typical Functions/Features of Modern Single Cup Coffee Makers Include:

  • Strength Adjuster: easily set and adjust the strength of the coffee brew to meet your own personal taste.
  • Shut Off: popular machines will have an option to automatically shut off after brewing.
  • Travel Mug: brew coffee directly into your travel mug and take it with you.
  • Permanent/Coffee-Pods: some of the best single-cup coffee makers let you brew your own ground coffee with single-serve scoop filter installed.
  • Coffee Pod/K-Cups: a vast amount of different coffee pods can be placed into the machine. For a quick no-mess consistent brew.
Single Cup Coffee Maker Comparison

French Coffee Press

french press coffee maker

For those of you who like to take the more manual approach to brewing great tasting coffee, the French Press might just be what you’re looking for. The French Press isn’t a new brewer by any means, but its versatility and ease of use has made it stand the test of time and is a popular brewing method of choice for so many the world over.

French Coffee Press Overview:

Using a French Press is super-easy and there are only a few components to this coffee brewing machine. The basic parts of a French Press include the glass carafe (sometimes stainless steel) and a plunger with a mesh like filter attached. You place your coarsely ground coffee into the glass carafe, add hot water, and then slowly push down the plunger. Pour the brewed coffee in your coffee mug or thermos.

Typical Functions/Features of French Press Coffee Makers Include:

  • Control Water Temperature: a great feature of the French Press is the ability to totally control the water temperature with each brew.
  • Control Brewing Time: you decide how long you want your coffee to steep, for example – a longer steeping time will give you a more bitter, stronger tasting cup.
  • No Electricity: no electricity no problem, the French Press operates with just a push of your hand.
  • Require No Filters: unlike many other best coffee brewing machines which use paper filters, the French Press utilizes a reusable metal mesh filter.
  • Easy Clean Up: very easy to clean, simple pour out the leftover coffee grounds into the trash or  heap in the garden.
French Press Coffee Maker Comparison

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